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  • Come hear a Norse & Celtic brew this November! - I sing with a group called the Norwegian Manx Collaboration (it does what it says on the tin!) along with talented Manx musicians Tomas Callister (Barrule, Mec Lir) and David Kilgallon (Mec Lir), and renowned Norwegian trad. musicians Erlend Apneseth and Margit Myhr. We can’t wait to get together in November on the Isle of…
  • Americana goes all Celtic! Recording with singer-songwriter Matt Creer - I occasionally perform with Manx singer-songwriter Matt Creer, who writes Americana songs with beautiful close harmonies. Matt’s coming to the end of recording his second full-length album (for which he has truly pulled out all the stops, working with some great guest artists and traditional Manx/Scottish musicians) and invited me into the studio a few…

About RuthMychione Ruth

Ruth Keggin is a Manx Gaelic singer who is passionate about bringing Manx music and language to a wider audience. Her debut solo album, Sheear (‘Westward’), which features traditional and contemporary Manx Gaelic songs, was released in February 2014. She marked the release date with an album launch in the Isle of Man, followed by a mini Irish tour where she shared joint-gigs with the Scottish Gaelic supergroup Dàimh.

Ruth studied voice with Amanda Crawley at the University of York, where she gained a first class degree in music. She performed as a soloist at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient 2012, where she was honoured to open the renowned Nuits Interceltiques to audiences of over 10,000 spectators.

Recent projects include an ongoing voice/fiddle collaboration between Ruth, Norwegian musicians Margit Myhr and Erlend Apneseth, Manx fiddle player Tomas Callister of Barrule and Jamie Smith’s Mabon and Manx multi-instrumentalist David Kilgallon. The group recorded their unique mix of Manx-Norwegian music in Autumn 2013 – details of their 2014 performances will be published on this site anon.

Ruth is also vocalist, flautist and whistle-player for the band Nish As Rish who have performed internationally, winning the Trophée Loic Raison for best new group at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient 2011. Nish As Rish will be touring Norway in Spring 2015.

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